Are you interested in affiliate partnership with GO4GOAL?

GO4GOAL affiliate program is free of charge and makes it possible to earn a profit for recommending GO4GOAL online store.

Who can participate?

Program is intended for both legal entities and natural persons.

How does GO4GOAL affiliate program work?

Your website, blog, Facebook or Instagram page, on which you have a GO4GOAL affiliate link is visited by a random person.

When this person clicks on your GO4GOAL affiliate link, they are redirected to GO4GOAL. An affiliate link means that you have your own link to the GO4GOAL website, which records that visitors of GO4GOAL website came there through your link.

In the event that a customer makes a purchase, the GO4GOAL affiliate program »reads« that the customer has made a purchase through your link (website, Facebook, Instagram …) and records a commission fee in your affiliate user account (the commission rate is part of the agreement).

How to become a GO4GOAL affiliate partner?

For more information, write to, writing »AFFILIATE PROGRAM« as the subject. We will inform you about further steps and whether you meet our criteria.