Amateur and professional athletes are very much aware that the feet are the part of the body that is particularly used during sports, so they need to be really well looked after. Blisters, aches and pains as well as all the other problems can be more than effectively prevented by choosing the right socks, which are essential for sport and exercise in general. 

What’s socks got to do with it?” Read on to find out.

1. Foot support

During physical activity, it’s very important that your socks are comfortable, don’t slip off and support your feet properly. It is the socks that are the link between the foot and the footwear. Did you know that the foot bears the whole weight of the body, taking care of the movement process? Now you do.

2. Preventing blisters

Imagine wearing socks that don’t fit your feet at all, and sweating profusely in them. The friction of excess fabric that builds up against the skin and heavy perspiration are two of the most common causes of blisters, so choosing the right socks is key to preventing and alleviating them. Socks should be designed to reduce friction between the fabric and the skin.

3. Impact on sports performance

Yes, the wrong choice of socks can indeed significantly compromise your sports performance, so choosing the right ones is very important.

It’s not difficult to choose the right socks

As mentioned above, socks are a VERY IMPORTANT part of your sports equipment, so choose socks that:

Wick away moisture and dry quickly, keeping your feet dry.
Are lightweight, comfortable and fit your feet.
Are thicker in the areas where the most strain is placed.
Reduce slipping in the footwear.

With that in mind, GO4GOAL grip socks have been developed. And don’t worry, these are not just “another pair of socks on the market”. They are unique because they have been developed in collaboration with various experts such as orthopaedists, physiotherapists, fabric experts and, of course, athletes.

Each has contributed their own bit of knowledge and this is the reason why we can stand firmly behind the premium brand of GO4GOAL grip socks.

You can only benefit from GO4GOAL sports socks

If you as an athlete choose to trust the expert team behind the name GO4GOAL, we guarantee:

● Increased foot stabilitythe socks fit perfectly and won’t slip in your footwear.
● Dry feethigh-tech fibers wick moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet fresh and dry.
● Comfortthe ultra-lightweight fabric ensures optimum comfort during sporting activity.
● Blister protection – innovative anti-slip technology on the bottom of the foot and toes reduces friction between the sock and the skin, minimizing blisters.

We made them with a purpose – for you to go all the way and show your potential!

The GO4GOAL grip socks have also been given a special innovation award, which is more proof that we have developed something truly important in the field of sportsa.

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