MARCOS TAVARES (ex football player):

“GO4GOAL sports socks are extremely soft. I train every day, so for me the socks are a very important part of sport equipment. They are protected in the right places, which is very important for me. They are comfortable and I have a really good feeling when I wear them. They allow me to improve my sports performance. I already had a great feeling in my test socks.

Now the material is even better and the socks really serve their purpose. Socks are the first contact with the foot and are therefore extremely important. I am glad that Tadej has created a Slovenian product that is really excellent, and I believe it will quickly spread to the rest of the world.”

BORUT MAČKOVŠEK (handball player):

“In professional sport every detail is important, so socks are also important.

As a professional athlete I have tested many socks, and I can say, that GO4GOAL socks are much better than normal socks, because they are anatomic, they are made with good materials and they also reduce the possibility of getting injuries.”

DOMINIKA ČONČ (football player):

“The GO4GOAL socks are very comfortable. Most of all, I like that they remain soft after washing, which has not been my experience with other similar socks so far. I also like that they are designed without knots or edges at the toes. In terms of slipping, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first because I was used to Trusox anti-slip pads, but when I tested them during the game, they didn’t slip.

When I read that they were made with anti-slip materials, the last doubt was gone. The stability is excellent too. As for the moisture extraction, I like that they don’t get heavy in the case of rain, even when they are very wet. They are also very light overall. I like that they drain moisture very quickly and are very airy. Because they do not have anti-slip pads but a special anti-slip fabric, there is no chance of pads falling off during washing (which has been the case with Trusox socks).”

ROK ZAPONŠEK (handball player):

“I would like to point out a lot of things that are better than on the socks I usually use. I would like to highlight three things that I really like about GO4GOAL socks, namely that the socks do not slip down, as they squeeze my leg. This is something that bothered me a lot with other socks, because I had to adjust them every 5 minutes.

The second thing is that the foot is really stable since the socks do not slide inside of the footwear. Lastly, after several washes, the socks are like new, which means that they are very durable, compared to regular socks, which have a really short shelf life.”

ROK MOŽIČ (volleyball player):

“In my sport, foot stability is very important since there is a lot of ankle injuries, so I am very happy to try GO4GOAL sports socks, which give me comfort and stability.

The difference between regular socks and GO4GOAL sports socks is obvious, as they absorb moisture very well, even after several hours of training. So I recommend GO4GOAL sports socks to all athletes who wants to improve their performance.”

NIKA UDE (athlete - track and field):

“GO4GOAL socks are great! They are very comfortable and fit perfectly on the foot. The foot does not slide in the sneakers, which gives it extra stability. Also the foot does not sweat. I like the reinforced part around the heel and Achilles tendon the most, which also prevents the formation of calluses, especially in track spikes.

The difference between these and other socks is that my feet do not hurt. GO4GOAL socks also DO NOT cause an uncomfortable feeling of pressure around the edges. And they look great. Another great advantage is that I can also add my name or anything else to my socks.”

LENA TRANTURA (basketball player):

“GO4GOAL sports socks are made to fit the foot and that’s why I love them.

There are a lot of speed changes in basketball and the GO4GOAL socks give me great stability because my foot doesn’t move around in my trainers.

Ever since I started using GO4GOAL sports socks in matches, I only use these.

NEŽA DOLENC (athlete - track and field):

“I notice that GO4GOAL socks are super reinforced in the ankle area. I have had ankle problems for a long time, I twisted my ankle several times and when I have these socks on my foot, I feel that I have a reinforced ankle and it’s much easier to train and compete. G4G socks are definitely the best sports socks I’ve ever worn. They warm my feet a lot in the cold and wick away moisture well when it’s hot.

During strenuous training I often get cramps in my calves, which G4G socks prevent, because they offer more compression in this area. I like that they prevent blisters and are very compact in the ankle.

I like the original personalization of the socks the most, because you can choose the design you want, and no one else will have the same socks.”

MAJ PREMZL (tennis player):

“To be quite honest, I put too little emphasis on footwear before using GO4GOAL socks. After the first use of GO4GOAL socks, I saw the difference between socks that I can buy in a store (other brands) and socks offered by GO4GOAL, because I thought I was simply faster with GO4GOAL socks.

The sock fits perfectly to the foot, does not slip in the shoe and is a little thicker than normal socks, which prevents blisters and offers complete comfort to the foot. Although they are a little thicker, it does not mean that the foot sweats in the shoe, but instead the foot breathes nicely in the sock, so there is not much sweating.

I think socks can help me play better, because I’m faster on the court, which helps me play better.”

DINO HOTIĆ (football player):

“Actually, I have never used special socks. Whatever we had in the club, I had on my feet.

After trying GO4GOAL on and wearing them for a while, I noticed a huge difference! They truly are great and I now have a very good grip in my football boots. I use them all the time now, even for training. I can not do without (GO4GOAL) socks anymore.

They are comfortable and the foot does not move in the sock. Basically, you don’t get blisters either and everything is as it should be. I don’t have to worry about my feet being uncomfortable.”

ZARA KRAMŽAR (talented football player):

“The first thing that I felt when using GO4GOAL grip socks is that the socks really mold to your foot and are very tight, which is something that I really love. Additionally, they do not slip and provide you with stability in the ankles.

GO4GOAL grip socks are different from other socks mainly in that they do not slip and offer stability during sports activity.”

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