Sports socks for children


Because I am aware of the importance of children’s feet during the development phase, we have adapted GO4GOAL sports socks.

Why did I decide to take this step?

In the beginning, everyone told me that children will not wear our socks because their parents decide what the children will wear.

I have a different opinion, so I set a goal to bring parents closer to the benefits of our socks and highlight the importance of appropriate sports socks during exercise.

When I examined what kind of socks the market has to offer, I quickly realized that there are only a handful of specialized sports socks for children. I saw a great opportunity here, because children’s feet are all the more exposed to a variety of injuries.

Honestly, it pains me when I see kids putting on oversized socks on their feet. That means everything is crumpled in their sports shoes and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be. Not to mention the increased exposure to various injuries and pain.

Let me tell you about my experience …

I have been a part of the Marcos Tavares football camp for 2 years now. The children train with top coaches for 5 days, have fun and have an unforgettable experience.

Training takes place twice a day and the children’s sports equipment is very important. I remember the first day, the first practice, when one of the kids was putting on his football socks and I immediately noticed that they were too big for his feet. He pushed the excess into the shoes and continued with the exercises.

Not surprisingly, he was in pain. I noticed a blister on his foot, so of course the child was not able to train normally all week. The pain of the shoe pressing on the blister was just too much. He did the exercises barefoot – as much as possible (with the ball), but that’s not very safe since there’s a good chance someone will step on your toes.

Can you imagine? Because of such a simple thing, the child could not fully experience the football camp.

Parents, make sure your children’s shoes and socks fit! Footwear is not just shoes, but socks as well, because they are the first contact with the skin.

And not just at camps and training sessions, but also at school. It is important that children have appropriate footwear for physical education.

If you want to make sure your child has the best possible protection during training, GO4GOAL should be their companion at all times.

This way, children’s developing feet will receive the best possible care, with safety and health at the forefront. This way, they can fully exploit their potential and enjoy physical activity.

By the way … I can also personalize the socks and add a design to them (e.g. their name, number, cartoon character …), which will further motivate your child.

Below are some reviews provided to me by the children’s parents.

Hi. I bought the socks for my son Marko, who plays football. When he first wore them, he said: “Mom, the socks are great”. I, on the other hand, am very happy he feels good in them. Thank you, we will order more.
Hello. I ordered the socks for my daughter and son because they both play football. They are very excited, even though they only wore them once and have had similar socks before. We will order some more. Best regards.
To give feedback … Jakob wore GO4GOAL socks for the first time today. His comment afterwards: “They are the best, finally my heels don't hurt anymore”. THANK YOU. And I feel bad for not buying them sooner.
Hi Tadej! I promised to get back to you and share my son’s reactions to the GO4GOAL socks.
Looking at the design, he was speechless and kept admiring them. Well, the most important thing is how he felt with them on his feet.
He said it felt so good that his foot did not slip and that he felt like he was just wearing a football shoe.
He also said he had a better feel for the ball. That's what he told me. 🙂 So, the socks are TOP OFF THE TOP, he didn’t take them off for three days. Thanks again for your kindness and timeliness. And I would like to add one more thing.
I asked him if he has sweaty legs, considering that he has been wearing them for quite some time. Usually, his legs sweat a lot in socks. Now they do not.
Hi, I bought the socks for my son who plays football. He has them worn twice to his practice and told me that he is comfortable in them and that they are “cool” and that if I would order more for him. So, he’s going to get two more pairs from Santa. I like supporting Slovenian products and respect people who work so hard to make sure that their product is high quality. Thank you.
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