GO4GOAL sports socks are not just another product on the market. They are special because they were developed in collaboration with various professionals – orthopedists, physiotherapists, fabric experts and athletes.

Everyone has contributed their share of knowledge, so today we can stand firmly behind the GO4GOAL sports socks brand.

We worked with fabric experts to select 6 high-quality fabrics and combined them in collaboration with orthopedists and physical therapists to protect and support every part of the foot.

Every material in the sock is in the right place and with the right goal: to help you move and keep you comfortable.

We’ve even thought about the right way to knit them. In this way, we have ensured that the sock adapts perfectly to the foot and stabilizes it.

Without the athletes and their feedback, GO4GOAL socks would not be what they are today. We got an immediate response on how we could further improve the product in the prototype development phase. That was key.

To help you decide, we prepared a comparison between our socks and some other brands who offer sports socks whose soles have anti-slip pads that prevent the foot from slipping in the shoes.

The pads for most are only on the outside of the socks, and for some also on the inside, which causes an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. Also, they cannot be attached to any other material (they are attached by heat treatment) and are not attached to the area of the big toe that provides the thrust and through which maximum power transfer occurs.

We took it a step further and put anti-slip fabric on the bottom of the foot instead of anti-slip pads. We designed and placed it right where the most power transfer occurs.

This reduces slippage of the foot in the sock and in the shoe. Since the fabric is part of the sock, it does not affect the skin and provides great comfort.

We would like to highlight two other features of the aforementioned competitor products that we have upgraded.

Most sock brands contain cotton, which wicks moisture poorly. Wet cotton breathes poorly and takes a long time to dry. Our GO4GOAL socks contain a material that wicks moisture 30% faster and dries 50% faster than cotton.

Competitive socks are not specifically fitted to the left and right foot and do not protect any part of it. Our GO4GOAL socks are specifically adapted to the right and left foot, which allows a perfect fit, and they also protect certain areas of the foot (ankle, toe, Achilles tendon) with special embroidery and materials.

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