At GO4GOAL d.o.o., we are proud to present and market our own GO4GOAL brand, where you can find only the highest quality of products. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that the ordered product is damaged or has a manufacturing defect. We want to resolve this quickly and in accordance with your expectations.

1. Before you file a complaint

The complaint will be automatically rejected if:

you submit your product without an invoice or a complaint record form,
if you don’t file a complaint as soon as you identify a damage or a defect on the product and continue to use the product,
the damage occurred due to improper use of the product.

2. Fill out the complaint record form and return the product

Fill out the complaint form in its entirety and enclose it with the product that you wish to return.

Send the damaged product or the product with a defect to: GO4GOAL d.o.o., Ulica Štefana Kovača 61A, 9224 Turnišče, Slovenia

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Inspection of the product

Upon returning to our company’s address, the product will be properly, expertly inspected , because it often happens that the product was damaged due to negligence. We will respond to the received complaint form within 8 days.

4. Accepted or rejected complaint

Whether the complaint is accepted or rejected, we will notify you 14-30 days after receiving the complaint.

In the event of an approved complaint, the buyer can choose a new product. If the new product is more expensive that the returned one, the buyer has to pay the price difference.

You can find the complaint form here.

If you have any additional questions, we are available to you through our customer support center:

E: info@go4goal.net
P: +386 (0)31 334 017

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