How to Shop



For greater transparency and easier purchasing, we have prepared guidelines on how to shop in our online store:

1. Product selection

By clicking on the button »BUY NOW« or the image product, more detailed information is displayed. Choose the right size and quantity, then press the »Add to Cart« button. The item will be placed in the shopping cart. You can either continue with shopping for other products or go to the cart (»Show Cart«) to complete the purchase.

2. Review of the order and informative calculation of delivery

In the Cart, review the selected product. By clicking on »Delivery rates« you can see the indicative shipping costs to your address. After reviewing the product, press »Proceed to checkout« to submit an order.

Coupon code is a word that you, as a the buyer, enter in the shopping cart. There is an empty space in which you can enter the currently valid coupon code. Then you press on the »Apply Coupon« button. The discount will be applied immediately.

3. Fill in your contact information

Please fill in your contact information and shipping address.

4. Choose a payment method

Cash on delivery – if you choose this option, we will deliver the product to the provided address.
Cash in advance – if you choose this option, we will deliver the product to the provided address when we receive your payment to our bank account.
Payment via PayPal or credit card – if you choose this option, we will deliver the product to the provided address.

5. Confirmation of the order and a summary of the purchase

By clicking on the “Confirm the purchase” button, your order is sent to the further processing. You will be notified of all the following steps via the email address you provided in the first step.


The purchase procedure for legal entity is exactly the same as for natural persons, but in the first step, fill in the field “Company name”. In this field, you enter the company name and the tax number of the company.

If you request an invoice addressed to a legal entity, you accept the terms in force for legal entities.

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding the products/shopping, feel free to contact us via the information below.


E: info@go4goal.net
P: +386 (0)31 334 017

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to cancel the order at our own discretion.

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