Hi there,

I am Tadej Glavač, the founder of GO4GOAL and this is the story that led me to GO4GOAL sports socks …

Let’s go back in time to my high school years between 2004 and 2007. No matter how full my bag was with notebooks, there was always room for a football ball – I sometimes left notebooks at home on purpose just so I could carry it with me.

My classmates and I used every break, even the 5-minute ones, to play football or at least pass the ball around. We even played right in the hallway. Can you imagine how (un)happy the teachers were?

When the PE teacher asked us what we wanted to do, we unanimously said, “Football!”

When the big gym was occupied, we went to the schoolyard. Even in winter, when the temperature dropped far below zero. Our fingers were so cold we could barely untie our shoelaces when we got back to the warm school locker room. But we would do anything for football.

We didn’t really care about sports equipment. If we had it, great, if not, fine. We always had our main piece of equipment with us anyway – our bodies.

When you’re young, you don’t really care what you wear. All that matters to you is that you have a great time.

Fast forward a little bit to my senior year of high school where I was playing football again. The ball was rolling on the field and even though we were friends with classmates, we knew how to show our competitive spirit on the field as well.

I vividly remember one time my lower back burned… all of a sudden. And at the same time, my legs gave way. They couldn’t withstand the weight of my body, so I collapsed on the floor. Nothing was clear to me anymore.

A void formed in my head. My heart was pounding like crazy. I had never experienced anything like this before. I had no idea what was wrong with me.

I couldn’t feel my legs anymore …

I remember my classmates taking me to the locker room and putting me on the bench. Questions like, “What now? What if I can’t walk anymore? Why me?” were running through my head. I was really in shock.

After a while, I started to feel my legs again. You can imagine what a relief that was for me.

As I lay in the hospital bed that day, listening to the doctor’s opinion, I slowly realised what had happened. Let me explain …

One of the things the doctor looked at was my feet. He found some blisters on my thumb, so he asked if I had been playing with blisters. “Yes, of course. Is there something wrong with that?”, I asked.

He explained that while I was playing, because of the blisters, I was unconsciously clenching my thumb, pressing it into my foot, putting my body in the wrong position.

He told  me that the origin of my problem was in my feet, which provide the proper posture for my body. And the main culprit for the incorrect posture? Blisters. Blisters that I had after almost every activity, and it was due to the improper socks.

Months of therapy and a year of no exercise followed. Today, everything is back to normal, but that particular event had consequences that will be with me forever – sciatica and the ever-present lower back pain when exercising. I’ve gotten used to that by now. On another occasion I will explain how I deal with it.

I’m sure if I had used GO4GOAL sports socks, my injury might not have happened. But we can’t change the past, we can only learn from it.

Today I am grateful for this experience, which led me to the development of the GO4GOAL sports socks.

My mission is to spread awareness about the importance of sports socks. Now I know that everything starts and ends with your feet. They are the ones that carry the weight and strain of your whole body, so we shouldn’t neglect them.

In most sports, footwear is an essential part of sporting activities, which consequently affects the athlete’s skills, abilities and performance.

When someone talks about footwear, the first thing that comes to their mind is shoes. But it is the socks that first come into contact with the foot, that is, the skin, so they are crucial.


I worked with various experts (orthopedists, physiotherapists, fabric experts) and professional athletes with whom we started to develop GO4GOAL sports socks.

All with the aim of developing high quality sports socks that support your feet in the right places, prevent your feet from slipping in your shoes and thus reduce the risk of blisters.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. And too short to wear bad socks.

Put your well-being first. Put yourself first.

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